होमकेंद्रीय जाति सूचिCentral List Of OBC SC ST For the State Of Goa

Central List Of OBC SC ST For the State Of Goa

Goa Caste List – Central Govt Scheduled Tribes list in Goa / ST Caste list in Goa, Scheduled Castes list in Goa / SC caste list in Goa, OBC caste list in Goa – 2022.

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Goa Caste List

Hello friends, if you are from the Scheduled Tribe (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) community in the state of Goa, then while filling any central government job or any other form, you may be of ST / SC / OBC caste. central list of In this article, you will read the list of ST, SC, OBC in the state of Goa on behalf of the central government which has been taken from the official website of the government, whose link will also be found below and you can also download the PDF.

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Goa Caste List

PDF Download Link is Given below

ST Caste List In Goa

Central List of Scheduled Tribes in Goa / goa ki janjati / tribe of goa

Central List of ST State: Goa

S.N.Caste / Community
2.Dubla (Halpati)
3.Naikda (Talavia)
4.Siddi (Nayaka)

PDF List Download

SC Caste List In Goa

Central List of Scheduled Castes in Goa / scheduled caste list in goa

Central List of SC State: Goa

S.N.Caste / Community
1.Bhangi (Hadi)
4.Mahyavanshi (Vankar)

List File Download

OBC Caste List In Goa

Central List of Other Backward in Goa / goa obc caste list

Central List of OBCs State: Goa

S.N.Caste / Community
4.Dhobi, Rajak, Madval (including Christian Dhobies)
5.Nhavi, Nai, Nabhik, Napit, Mahalo, Barber (including Christians)
6.Koli, Kharvi (including Christian Kharvi)
9.Kumbhar (including Christians)
12.Mahar (including Christians and excluding those who are already included in SC List)
13.Pagui, Gabit
16.Bandari Naik, Blacksmith/ Tinsmith
17.Christian Renders (who are actually in the profession of toddy tapping)
20.Vishwakarma/ Chari/ Mesta

PDF List Download

Friends, I hope this article is – ST Caste List In Goa, SC Caste List In Goa, OBC Caste List In Goa for Goa State in Central Government – Goa Caste List goa ki janjati / tribe of goa, scheduled caste list in goa, goa obc caste list You have liked. Share this article with your friends, relatives and acquaintances on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest and Telegram and leave your feedback by commenting below.

All castes and sub-caste names given on this page were taken from the official website of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and National Commission for Backward Classes, Government of India. To see any kind of latest changes in the Castes List, visit the official website and you can also tell us by commenting or emailing. Thank you

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